Wednesday, April 16, 2014


'love' ~ watercolors and graphite on 123# creme arches cotton paper, 9" x 12"

a love messenger...

a close-up so you can see the  little penciled figure...    i think it's the messenger's assistant...

so you can see the edges of the paper...

it's been sprayed with a protective fixative.

$30 + $2.50 postage within the U.S.; $5 postage everywhere else 

for international orders:   i'll ship this with heavy flexible paper instead of rigid cardboard in order to keep shipping costs reasonable.



  1. I just want to tell you how much I love your art. The beauty, the color, the light, the shapes, personalities, faces... I love every bit. :)

    Sheila in Oregon

  2. hey sheila! waving! thank you... : )


  3. Oh, the background on this! As important as the subject! Laura

  4. Here I am thinking of my old blog friends and you pop up. How long has itbeen since I stolled the fine lines and colors of your blog - and what a wonderful direction you have been on.

    As I gather my paints for a new beginning, I can marvel at your beautiful, soul filled images.
    You could be my new muse as I experiment with paint..

    thanks for popping by the bloggy and reminding me to come over...


  5. The assistant is the spirit helper... barely present but always there...


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