Tuesday, April 15, 2014


'happy' ~ watercolors, colored pencil, graphite, gold gouache and tracing paper on arches creme cotton paper, 9" x 12"

  'happy' because the words 'happy happy happy' are printed in tiny letters on the far left.  i've shown lots of close-ups because there's a lot going on...

a face on tracing paper, which is over another face...

you can see the only other words - "happiness is the way" - near the top of this pic.

so you can see the edges of the paper...

it's been sprayed with a protective fixative.

$30 + $2.50 postage within the U.S.; $5 postage everywhere else 

for international orders:   i'll ship this with heavy flexible paper instead of rigid cardboard in order to keep shipping costs reasonable. 



  1. This has a wonderful mystical quality to this and I love the colours and the addition of the gold.

  2. thank you, fuzzie fingers... : )


  3. Oh so lovely! I'm sad I was too late!


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