Monday, June 11, 2012

lulu, pearl, & jeweliette

lulu, pearl & jeweliette ~ watercolors, oil pastels and gouache on old paper, approx. 3" x 4 1/2"

lulu, pearl, and jeweliette have been sold.  thank you!

i painted lulu, pearl, and jeweliette in december of 2011 on 'cards' that i made by gluing pieces of old paper to an old book page, and then cutting them out. 
jeweliette is on the far right, and this is the only picture that i have of her.  nowadays i'd rather be out walking than taking pics, so i will leave this as is, without having a picture of her alone.  if she calls to you, i think you'll be delighted with her - she's a sweetie!


each has been sprayed with a protective fixative.


each painting is $25 + $2 postage within the U.S.; $25 + $3 postage everywhere else. 

if you buy more than one, the postage stays the same.


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  1. These are very beautiful Lynne

    just to let you know there will be a quick response challenge this week hosted over at my blog if you are interested in participating.

    H x


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