Sunday, November 27, 2011

untitled ~ thread, watercolors and casein paint glued to a page from 'now we are six' by a.a. milne - approx. 5" x 7"


a bird/human figure stitched and painted on an old book page and mounted on a page from 'now we are six', by a.a. milne. please note that the edges of the 'now we are six' page have been 'softened' in photoshop elements in this image; in 'real life' the edges look like regular, straight book pages!

the image has been sprayed with a protective fixative.

$25 + $2 postage anywhere in the world


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  1. Every time I come here in hopes of being able to purchase something, poof...they are "sold". Any chance that you ever have a "preview" night (or day) before it goes public???? Have a great holiday season, Lynne. We are having some great weather, aren't we!!


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